Medimix Bathing Soap - Ayurvedic Soap with 18 Herbs, 75 gm Carton

€ 4.99


Medimix Bathing Bar - Ayurvedic Soap with 18 Herbs is the world’s biggest selling ayurvedic bath soap that is suited for every skin types. It is totally herbal with a 60% coconut oil base and contains no animal fat. It is well-known for its preventive, curative and beautifying qualities for skin, hair and scalp. Natural oil base of Medimix Ayurvedic Soap contains pure coconut oil. Usually handcrafted as per the strict Ayurvedic formulation, it is packed with natural ingredients, manufacture it completely safe even for a baby's tender skin.


Chitraka 375mg, Vanardraka 180mg, Sariba 20mg, Chopchini 10mg, Nimbi Twak 6.66mg, Dharu Haridra 3.33mg, Vacha 3.33mg, Usheeram 3.33mg, Dhanyaka 3.33mg, Jeeraka 3.33mg, Vidangam 3.33mg, Yashtimadhu 3.33mg, Kutaja 3.33mg, Jyothishmathi 3.33mg, Devadaru 3.33mg, Krishna Jeeraka 3.33mg, Bakuchi 3.33mg, Guggulu 3.33.

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