Wild turmeric Powder- kasthuri manjal 50g

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There are probably 5 types of turmeric available in south asia and Kasthuri manjal, also called as wild turmeric is the one used in many beauty products and has amazing beauty benefits and those are :

1) Real skin whitening : Kasthuri manjal is a spice that can give you real skin whitening, unlike the other cosmetic products, which accompany tons of side effects, this has no side effects.

Directions of use :

  • Take half spoon of kasthuri manjal powder
  • Tablespoon of raw milk or yogurt
  • Mix them well
  • Apply it on your face evenly
  • leave it on for 20 minutes
  • wash it with warm water
  • You may apply this face mask every week for best results

2) Acne / acne scar treatment : Kasthuri manjal is very effective in acne and acne scar treatment,

Directions of use:

  • Take few fresh tulsi (holy basil) leaves
  • pestle to a smooth paste along with little boiled water
  • add a half teaspoon kasthuri manjal powder and mix well
  • apply it directly on the affected area
  • use it continuously everyday, till acne clears and then use it weekly twice

3) Unwanted facial hair removal :

Kasthuri manjal is also beneficial in facial hair removal, though it needs to be used for long time to see this effects.

Directions of use:

soak kasthuri manjal powder in water, apply to the facial area where you have excess hair and leave on for a few minutes. After it dries, use a cloth dipped in warm water to wipe away the turmeric and the hair, too.

4) Prevent skin infections and diseases :

Kasthuri manjal has some great anti-bacterial properties, which helps you keep skin infections & diseases away and using Kasthuri manjal bath powder is the best way for the same.

Directions of use:

  • take some fresh roses, remove the petals and spread it on a plate and Sun dry the rose petals till they are crisp.
  • sun dry green gram dal, white turmeric/ poolan kilangu, wild turmeric in the sun for a day
  • add the sun dried rose petals to it and powder it finely in a mixer
  • store the homemade bath powder in an airtight box

You can apply this bath powder with milk or water and bathe to keep the skin infections away, leaving your skin healthy and glowing.

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