Homam Kundam - Haven Kunda

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Homam Kundam - Haven Kunda 

Homam is a fire ritual of sacrifice. It is also known as homa or havan or yajna (yagya) or yajana. In homam, divine presence is invoked into fire using specific procedures. 

This practice has been inscribed in many scriptures such as Yajurveda and Bhagavad Gita. Vedic seers practiced it regularly. Several people are experiencing the benefits of homam even today.

Today Homam are performed in Graghapravesh or house warming ceremonies, marriages, home or office pujas, naming ceremonies etc.

For doing a Homam, the basic need is a Homa Kundam.

ð       Homa Kundam is metal container with preferably a square shaped base.

ð       This Iron Kundam is well designed to be used even indoors like apartments and offices.

ð       Easily portable. Ideally designed bottom to avoid damaging the tiles/flooring due to the fire.

ð       A pair of Wooden Rishabam Faced Homam Karandis or Spoons to pour ghee/oil is provided

Homam Kundam : 11.5x11.5x3 inches Spoon dimension : 18 inches

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